And Then One Person Laughed Politely: A Catalogue of My Top Humor Hits

An easily accessible list of all my favorite funny pieces. Probably shouldn’t call it a “hit list,” though.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

I intend to update this periodically as I come up with new material, so feel free to check back now and then! I’ll pin this list to the top of my profile, since no one is actually going to come back and check for new stuff of their own volition, unless they are my mom. (Hi, Mom!)

Some of my best-received workings in humor and satire may be found at the links below…

And my top five personal favorites (this list is, of course, subject to change):

Updates will be forthcoming, I dearly hope. In conclusion, if I’m ever published in The New Yorker, this list will be the first to hear about it. Well, after I’m done telling absolutely anyone who will listen, and also tweeting about it; if I remember to come back and update this page, THEN you’ll be the first to hear about it.



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Amy Colleen

Amy Colleen


I read a lot of books and sometimes I’m funny. Aspiring novelist, practicing writer, and Oxford comma fan (though obviously lenient on sentence fragments).