How to Share Medium Links on Facebook

Moving past the current problems with the anti-spam algorithm.

You’ve worked hard on this article, and now it’s finally finished. Written from the heart, polished to perfection, perhaps even accepted by a publication you admire — and now you’re ready to dazzle readers with it. You check once more for typos, click “share to Facebook” and… wait, what?

“This post goes against our community standards on spam.”

Spam? The horror. You are not a spammer. You’re a writer, an artist, a wordsmith. You wrote a piece about childhood memories or lost love or why chocolate chips are better than raisins, with nary a cuss word in sight. It’s not as if you’re trying to convince your Facebook friends that they too can earn $94 an hour working from home, after all.

So why did your link get blocked?

I’m afraid I can’t answer that today, as I am not acquainted with the intricate web of reasoning that makes up Facebook’s algorithm. However, I am deeply sympathetic to your plight — not because I’m an altruistic empath, but because it’s affecting me, too. So instead of explaining why it’s happening, I will instead summarize how you can fix it.

My experience has been choppy. Some days I am able to share links in Facebook groups, on my own timeline, and on my personal writing page without a problem. On other days, I hit that nasty little pop-up telling me I may proceed no further. On those days, it doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m writing a brand-spankin’-new post of my very own, or simply commenting to share a link on one of the daily share threads in a group for Medium writers. The anti-spam blocker does seem to favor certain publications, however, and I’ve noticed complaints coming from quite a few other writers who also contribute to those publications.

What to do?

Posting a friends link doesn’t seem to help.
Including extra descriptive text and not merely link-dropping doesn’t seem to help.
Copy/pasting the URL from my web browser instead of clicking the “share to Facebook” button doesn’t make a difference.

As of now, there seems to be only one work-around that has consistently brought me success.

Go to the top of the article you wish to share to Facebook, and instead of clicking the little “f”, bear hard left and click the Twitter birdie instead. No, you don’t have to post to Twitter if you don’t want to (though why wouldn’t you? It can’t hurt!) — this is just an avenue to produce a “clean” link.

Twitter will open in a new tab, with a new post box containing the standard tweet format for Medium pieces. “I just published….” You don’t have to worry about the text. What you want is that sweet, sweet truncated link. No profile name, no publication name, just “” followed by the bewildering array of letters and numbers that magically lead to your exalted piece.

Copy that link, trundle your way back to Facebook, and paste to share. Don’t forget to include some accompanying text as well, just to be safe. Explain what the piece is about, quote from your pithiest paragraph, whatever floats your boat… just do what you can to assure Facebook that you are not, in fact, a bot. Offer to identify some traffic lights in a photo grid, if necessary.

If you know of any other ways to bypass that pesky link-blocker, leave a comment and let me know!

…And yes, I know this piece has no hope of curation, since it’s quite blatantly About Medium. I wrote it out of the goodness of my heart. I guess I’m an altruistic empath after all.

Historical costumer, fifty-cent-word purveyor, aspiring humorist, and Oxford comma fan. History, books, & musings of a new mom. Twitter: @sewistwrites

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